How Can I Help?

How Can I Help You?

By M2C2 Solutions | February 25, 2023

How can I help? Leaders can find the answers to this simple question with a quick look around. Try a gemba walk!

One-on-Ones: One Size Does NOT Fit All

By M2C2 Solutions | January 20, 2023

Reflect and revamp your one-on-one game this year. Here are a few ways to make it less of a “let’s review the daily tasks” activity and more of an encounter BETWEEN two people.

M2C2 – the Newsletter

By M2C2 Solutions | December 28, 2022

We made it! 2022 is winding down. Hope you are binging your favorite shows, eating those last holiday snacks, and enjoying a little hibernation before the new year’s plans begin! As part of my 2022 reflection and 2023 planning, I am adding another communication outlet to share news and favorite items with my clients and…

Visualize Your Work

By M2C2 Solutions | June 10, 2022

Yes, I know. You already have a “to do” list. But hear me out… a few simple changes can make a big difference in your daily task list. First question… Does your to-do list look like this? Going from a static list to something more visual – can help you SEE what’s left to do,…

Start with NOW

By M2C2 Solutions | June 6, 2022

Perfect is the enemy of GOOD. You don’t have to wait til things are perfect to get started! 😊🎉 You don’t have to wait to start working on improvements: for yourself, for your team, or for the project(s) you’re in the middle of. Start small – and start with NOW. Take a few minutes to…

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Ready to Transform?

By M2C2 Solutions | May 5, 2022

M2C2 Solutions, LLC – Melanie Maddox, Coaching and Consulting is officially live and ready to go!  After 25 years in the corporate world, I am launching a new company that provides Agile Leadership Coaching and Consulting solutions.  Every leader needs to be agile. And any team can be an agile team! Melanie Maddox So, what is…